Current lead time on all orders is 3 weeks


Returns Policy


We do not accept returns on merchandise unless there is a defect.


If there is a problem or defect with your order, please Contact Us with the details of the issue. We will certainly be happy to work with you to get it resolved, replaced, or returned. The buyer is responsible for return shipping.


The buyer is responsible for making sure all selectable options are correct before ordering. We do not accept returns for options that were chosen by mistake.


Our holsters come with a lifetime warranty in regards to the function of the holster. The warranty does not cover scratches, scuffs, or minor damage due to use. Hardware and/or belt attachments are not covered under the warranty either. Please reach out if you have any issues with hardware/belt attachments, and we will be happy to point you towards quality vendors for replacement.



We only ship to within the United States.

Lead times on certain items may vary. Please check the homepage for current lead times.



What is the status of my order?

We understand that it can be hard to wait for your order to arrive. Lead times are no fun for us either. Each order is hand made, and completed in the order it was received. You will receive a shipping confirmation once your order has been completed. 

We ask that you remain patient and allow for the advertise lead times to pass before reaching out about order status. Please understand that time spent replying to order status emails is time spent away from completing orders.


What is the current lead time?

The current lead time can be found at the top of any page of the website. This lead time refers to all orders accept our “quick ship” or “garage sale” items. Those items are pre-made and will ship in approximately 3 business days from ordering.


Do you make holsters for “this gun” or “this light”?

If it is not listed as an option on the website, we do not currently offer it. We try to stay as up-to-date as possible with our current offerings. Check out and follow our Instagram account if you would like to stay in the loop as we add more options in the future.


My holster doesn’t “click” into place.

The “click” sound that many people associate with a Kydex holster is due to the material snapping around the trigger guard of the firearm. If you purchased a holster for a firearm with a light attached, that “click” is not guaranteed to be present. Light-bearing firearms are retained off of the light itself. This means the Kydex is not grabbing the gun, but actually the light. The holster will still retain your firearm, and we give multiple points of adjustment to retention. Please just understand that it may not make a “click” when inserted


 Why is there a gap around my trigger guard?

If you ordered a holster for a light bearing firearm, you may be able to see down inside your holster to the trigger. This is because a channel needs to be created to allow the light to be inserted into the holster. We take extra care when forming the holster to ensure that gap is as small as possible, but some bigger lights will require bigger channels. This is something to take into consideration when choosing a light for your firearm. If the gap makes you uncomfortable when carrying, then maybe consider a smaller light. 


Will my holster still work without the light attached?

The short answer is no. Light-bearing holsters require the light to be attached to the firearm in order to function. This is because the holster is grabbing the light in order to retain the firearm. Even if it feels like your firearm “fits” without the light, it is not recommended that it is used that way. 


What if my gun has a compensator?

Please let us know before ordering if you have a compensator attached to your firearm. Some of our molds are open-ended, but some are not. We can normally accommodate compensators without issue as long as they are dimensionally the same or smaller than the slide dimensions. Stating you have a threaded barrel is not the same as having a compensator.